Si.o and Uebler

For more than 50 years, Uebler GmbH has been developing and producing high-quality car accessories for the specialist trade and the vehicle industry. Uebler is one of the most innovative providers of modern bicycle clutch carriers with the highest demands on function and production quality. With this background, Uebler is up to date on transport, mobility and flexible solutions.

The combination of mobility with innovation, future thinking and the vision of urban transport change has created the Si.o brand. The Si.o e-scooters offer a contemporary and individual solution for the changing structure in traffic, transport and individual mobility.

At Si.o and Uebler, innovation, quality and service are among the core competencies that are combined in the electric scooters and electric kickscooters with lifestyle, sustainable thinking and fun factor.

So Si.o becomes your electric mobility revolution!

Brand values

1 - Environment-focused

Si.o is electric, emission-free, silent and environment-focused. Our Si.o scooters can be recharged wherever you are (preferably with green electricity) and are therefore a sustainable answer to traffic gridlock and diesel fuel bans.

Yet not only the products themselves are sustainable but also our principles in product management. We focus on quality and longevity and offer a competent service for you to enjoy your Si.o as long as possible.

2 - Future-focused

What will private transport look like in the future? We believe it will look like Si.o! Electric mobility is future mobility. Flexibility, individuality, sustainability: the change of times in urban mobility is already ongoing, and Si.o is already part of it. Furthermore, we´re continuously expanding our product portfolio to have a solution for all your demands on future mobility.

3 - Solution-focused

We at Si.o think that when “being on the way“ you need to be independent and flexible. Your mobility is as individual as you are and for this you need up-to-date and practicable solutions.

Si.o is flexible at use and combines well with other future mobility offers. Thus we offer individual solutions for daily use, wherever you are and wherever you want to go.

4 - Customer-focused

We´re not going to let you down when a question arises! We continuously expand our dealer network and thus offer you a good service structure, just in case there´s something to be fixed on your Si.o. Every Si.o dealer undergoes a special training on the products and their maintenance and is personally certified by us. In our service workshop in Forchheim we take care of more complicated issues ourselves.

5 - Quality-focused

We focus on high-quality products. This is why every single product undergoes a complex final inspection according to German quality standards. Carefully all details and functions are examined and only products which have passed the check entirely are being delivered to you or into the market.

Silence & Oxygen

The brand name Si.o is a composite of the first letters in “silence” and “oxygene”.
For this is our vision: Less noise and pure air; emission-free traffic without noise pollution!

With our Si.o e-scooters we´re going to make this dream come true!
Your style – your Si.o